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Top Hat and Tails - The Classic Morning Suit


Morning dress, consisting of a morning coat, striped trousers, shirt, tie and waistcoat - is the most traditional form of dress for formal weddings. Where the Morning Coat is worn with matching trousers it becomes a Morning Suit.

The name derives from a time when weddings took place in the morning and gentlemen naturally wore their morning attire. These days, however, it tends to be worn for afternoon weddings as well.

The MORNING COAT is single-breasted with one button and usually has peaked lapels. Grey or black are the traditional colours, but other colours are now increasingly available for a more contemporary look. The tail should reach approximately to the back of the knee.

The WAISTCOAT for the traditional look will usually be grey or buff, with either single-breasted or double-breasted being acceptable.

The TOP HAT and GLOVES finish off the outfit, with hats in either black or grey.

When being used for weddings, it’s a popular idea to select a colour of tie to complement the colour theme of the wedding. Alternatively, an ivory waistcoat and/or tie creates an elegant and understated look.

Here at DAPPER Formalwear for Men we have a great selection of traditional Morning wear in a variety of fabrics to suit your needs.

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